Systems Design 
These are projects I have contributed to as a Systems Designer whether it's creating and or balancing systems. The systems include gameplay systems, scoring systems, systems which effect the level design dynamically and etc... 
PandaMart #HuntTheMouse2023 

Skills: System Design / Economy Design / Rapid Prototyping / User Experience Design / Survey / Play-testing 
Helped to brainstorm the mechanics for the shrinking silver coins and crossing out the grid for golden coins. Illustrated and drew mock-ups of the mechanics and how our potential brand actions would look. 
#UNTAME Spaces  

Skills: Level Design / Balancing / Play-testing 
Worked with the team to design a series of Mini-Games, as well as conducted multiple play-tests to measure the difficulty of the various games. 

Skills: System Design / Economy Design / User Experience Design / Design Documentation / Play-testing 
I designed the level selection system and balanced the amount of energy the player needs to complete each level. ​​​​​​​

Skills: Design Documentation / Play-testing 

Translated node based storytelling into readable design documentation for the devs to code. 
​​​​​​​Playtested multiple scenarios and did QA testing, and filed change reports to the devs. 
Lendlease's Sleigh Dash

Skills: System Design / User Experience Design 
I designed the gift box calendar system for attaining gifts, brainstormed assets and designed the base UI before handing it off to the UX Designers. 

Skills: System Design / User Experience Design 
Released as a snippet of up and coming evergreen game. Designed several farming mechanics and multiple mini-games for the full game. ​​​​​​​
Live From the Cube 

Skills: System Design / Economy Design / Rapid Prototyping 
I led a team of 7 to create an original Rhythm game inspired by Work Simulator Games hosted on Flash. I designed mission-types for players to complete, as well as a viewership system that would impact how much money the player earns from streaming. I also designed, balanced and coded various parts of these systems. 
Hollow Dice 

Skills: Action Game Design / Systems Design / Rapid Prototyping / Design Documentation​​​​​​​
I led a team of 11 to create an original dice based action game inspired by One Step from Eden. I worked together with the rest of the team to design multiple systems to prevent spamming, and level progression. As well as balancing and refining these systems.