Project Management
As Project Manager / Game Designer I have 2 years of experience working with various teams to create various types of games for a wide range of audiences. I have led a team of game designers for 2 years to deliver 2 different games, and have contributed to over 10 shipped games. 

I am trained in Agile and Waterfall Methodologies, skilled in managing Jira Boards, experienced with creating new production practices / working practices and have written several documents internal and client facing, able to understand budgets and equipped to manage small to large scale teams / projects and more... 
Live From the Cube 

Skills: Google Spreadsheets / SCRUM Methodology / Cross Disciplinary Team Management / Sprint Planning / Bug Tracking 

I led a team of 7, maintained our spreadsheets, conducted meetings, maintained documentation, and planned sprints with the team. I managed game designers, sound designers, Unity Programmers, writers, and artists. 

Hollow Dice

Skills: Jira / Agile Methodology / Kanban / Cross Disciplinary Team Management / Document Writing / Sprint Planning / Creating Production Pipelines

I led a team of 11, maintained our Jira board, planned sprints, created and maintained new documentation pipelines and processes, and managed the team during each part of the developmental process. I managed artists, game designers, programmers and other creatives.