Last Celeste Knight (2021) is a clone of Hollow Knights with inspiration from Celeste for a cloning assignment in our Intermediate Game Development Class. This was our final project and was done in a group of 4 over a span of around 6 weeks. The goal was to create a clone which has some platformer exploration which teaches players how to control the knight in a celeste and hollow knight like way.

 A more detailed breakdown of the game in mandarin can be found here on billi billi. 

Contributions include: 
  ∙Git Management (Merging, Branching) 
  ∙Particle Effects (Smoke) 
  ∙Level Design 
  ∙Implementing Art into the Game Scene 
  ∙Shader Effects (Reflective, Shadow, Vinaigrette) 
  ∙UI / UX Design and Implementation 
  ∙Team Leader / Project Management 

Unused Background Assets