Made for the 2021 NYU Game Jam. The game follows the adventure of a person dealing with insomnia as they fight and face obstacles throughout their dreams, while they eventually come to face their biggest enemy, themselves at the end of the game in a boss fight. Out of 27 games crated, we were nominated for Best Overall Game.
Concept Art of the dream world by Minxuan Cao

 - asset artist 
 - asset implementation 
My job was primarily as the sprite artist and designing the environment. Taking the concept art and redesigning them to fit into a playable game world as well as implementing them into the project. Usually I draw my own concept art, but this was my first time working with another concept artist. It was interesting trying to adapt and learn another art style to fit the aesthetic. As well as designing objects within the world that would fit with the overall concept art style as well. 
This was my first timed game jam as we had to complete the project within 48 hours. Although I served as the environmental artist, because I had the most experience dealing with Github and merge conflicts that was also one of my main responsibilities. Dealing with that in such a short period of time was probably the most stressful aspect of production. 

Created reflective water shader in 2D Shader Graph.