Full Gameplay Recording with Video Footage. (The microphone attached to the microphone for an immersive experience) 

Our intent was to create a game that utilises microphone controls and the 3 phases of matter; water, ice and gas to create a unique vocal puzzle solving experience. Our initial concept of the game was about using the microphone to avoid obstacles and to deliver a drop of water via voice, that was the direction we were planning on taking it.

In our first prototype, we allowed players to use WASD and by using voice recognition software, after a certain decibel of noise was heard by the computer the water droplet would float upwards in a vapour like state of matter. Having a mixture of WASD and only being able to float with the voice controls felt really disjointed and we decided to to change all the controls into voice while keeping the core of the game (about the states of matter) the same. In the game we tried to create puzzles that are a mixture between Greek mythology and logical water puzzles. For example; adding water to a cloud will make it rain, or you can be turned to ice with Medusa’s icy stare. 

Since we would be controlling the actions of water with our voices, we decided to re-theme it as a love story between the gods, where you the player play as Poseidon the god of water/sea and are controlling water through a perilous journey to get to a dying flower, a gift from Athena that symbolises Poseidon and Athena’s love. 

In Game Scene (Start Sequence)

In Game (Town Scene)

In Game, The Parthenon. Ending Scene.